Month: November 2022

Making every day count…

Making every day count…

Welcome! Thank you for being..

I’ve been working on building up my inventory after a major sale that wiped nearly all of my jewelry stock! All in good fortune though, as I’ve moved one step closer to creating a life where I can be a full time mom and artist, while making a livable income with my jewelry and body care businesses 🙂 Many thanks for everyone’s support!!

Of course, you can always purchase directly through me here, where most pieces and products are listed first.. Some beautiful one of a kind necklaces will be listed throughout the week! I’m making everyday.

In the meantime, the addition of other artists’ links on this website have begun!

(Check out Tom’s coloring books – fantastic drawings of his that you can get lost in:

The Artists’ Collective is a hub to promote and help sell creative works of artists from around the world. Contact me if you’re interested: Creation is food for the soul!